David Street house

Location: Blenheim New Zealand
Area: 190 sq.m            
Year of project: 2005
Completion: 2006

This project is distinguished by three key properties: its strict rhythm, its elevating use of a perceived “low end” material, and its environmental efficiency.

Visual impact is created by a bold pillared concrete block colonnade traversing the building’s front elevation. This linear rhythm is further supported by floor to ceiling glazing which cocoons a dramatic elongated internal space.

The extensive use of glazing across the northern aspect coupled with a polished concrete floor creates a thermal mass enabling the building to absorb the sun’s warmth and to release it into the space in the cooler part of the day. This heat source is boosted by underfloor heating for the cooler months which is powered by a pellet burner fuelled by waste materials. The ambient temperature of this home is retained with high levels of insulation. Water is heated by solar energy.

Photo credit Adam Muir