Wairau Valley house

Location: Blenheim New Zealand
Area: 275sq.m            
Year of project: 2007
Completion: 2009

The front elevation of this split level dwelling is designed to appear to float above the land with the use of a recessed foundation. This visual effect is heightened by the weighty impression of mass derived from the stark white stone cladding.

Stone is a recurrent material both internally and externally and serves to ground the project in its greater South island environs. The exterior of the main extension is a chalky white stone quarried in Oamaru and pays homage to the old town’s Victorian era. This stone features again internally as well as a bespoke hearth made from Te Anau granite boulders and cut by local masons.

A bird’s eye view of this building shows two rectangular volumes nestling around a central courtyard. The front upper-most stone segment is texturally complemented by the lower light timber clad structure to the rear.